Online Computer Aided Drafting Schooling Opportunities

The ability to visually see the layout details and specifications of a new building or product is essential in helping engineers and other professionals create results. Students can step inside the virtual classroom and gain an online education in computer-aided drafting. Several colleges and universities offer students the training needed to enter careers as drafters.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer-aided drafting are available to students online. The field is commonly referred to as CAD and students have several online educational opportunities to choose from that meet the requirements of the profession. The goal of education is essentially to give students the knowledge and technology skills necessary to generate technical illustrations. These are then used as a guide when building a product such as a new technology system or house. Some possible careers that students can work towards include:


  • Civil Drafter
  • CAD Technician
  • Patent Developer


Numerous other employment options exist depending on the level of education students complete. Companies and organizations hire people for entry-level as well as managerial positions. Students should research online training options to guarantee the right educational level is completed for their desire career.

Completing a certificate program allows students to step into the industry quickly. Entry-level positions are obtainable after students work through specific drafting courses that focus on using computer technology to render 2-D and 3-D images. Many online schools provide students with multiple training options so they can specialize in areas like structural, electrical, and architectural design. Education presents numerous topics that help students develop their project management and design skills. Courses in desktop publishing, machine technology, CorelDraw, architectural desktop and technical math prepare students to fulfill their role inside the workplace.

More career choices are available to students that complete an associate’sĀ  drafting services degree program. Online learning lasts approximately two years. A foundation is built as students study technical drafting and drawing. Students develop the needed understanding of modeling, technical writing, manufacturing, building, and designing that enables them to step into multiple careers. Online education at the associate’s degree level focuses on how to build a product using the latest CAD technology and techniques. Further education prepares students by covering in depth topics related to the industry as a whole.

The entire field is studied in a bachelor’s degree program, which includes the computer software used, the process of product performance, safety, and environmental procedure. These areas are discussed in regards to learning advanced CAD skills. A comprehensive knowledge is gained in parametric modeling, product design, information technology, and CAD analysis. Students step into leadership positions within CAD teams where they work to manage the time and project restraints of a particular job. Other responsibilities could include budget planning and inventory control. Advanced training at the graduate level is possible but not inside a specific CAD program. Students can enter master’s degree programs in engineering or computer science where other more advanced drafting techniques are learned